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Oskitone POLY555 Assembly Guide

A finished POLY555


What you'll be making#

The POLY555 is a polyphonic, analog, square wave synth based on the 555 timer chip.

  • Polyphonic:​ Multiple notes can be played simultaneously. This is opposed to "monophonic," where only one note at a time can be played.
  • Analog:​ There are no computers, microcontrollers, sound samplers, or anything digital involved. The sound you hear is the sound of a speaker being abused by discrete electronic components like capacitors and resistors and logic chips.
  • Square-wave:​ When its output is viewed on an oscilloscope, its wave resembles a square. It’s a β€œhard” sounding wave type, commonly associated with chiptune music and old video games

More information on the POLY555, its development, and history:


You've been warned!


Not a toy. Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.


Recommended for advanced users! This kit has over 250 pieces and can take 5+ hours to put together. It requires a solid grasp of electronics and through-hole soldering.

About this guide#

To save cost, trees, and frustration from outdated information, printed instructions are not included by default with POLY555 kits. This online guide will always be up to date and be the best source of information for how to assembly your new POLY555.

Thank you for understanding!