Community hacks


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Got a hack you want to share? Contact me and I can add it to the list.

Community hacks#

  • arpeggio_hack from Steven Shamlian: Adds polyphony by arpeggiating through the held notes. The full hack requires diodes on the switches to prevent key ghosting, but otherwise the Arduino code can work w/o any hardware changes... provided you only play certain chords or don't mind the occasional wrong note. Pretty interesting!
  • MozziScout from todbot: With some careful pin swapping on the ATmega328, the Scout can use Mozzi, the popular sound synthesis library for Arduino. For this hack, it's a good idea to plug into an amplifier โ€” the new sounds your Scout will make are much richer than what its built-in speaker is capable!
  • 2-piece Keyboard Mod from Cyb3rn0id: If your 3D printer can't easily do the color channge GCODE for the keyboard color swap, this mod splits the keys' colors into two parts that snap and glue together.
  • Arduino Soundlab from John Bradnam: Scout keys on a non-Scout synth? Sure! This hack swaps out the ATmega328 for an Arduino Nano and custom PCB to add FM synthesis.

Other ideas#

  • For extra stability, add ruber feet to the bottom of your Scout.